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      Fitness wigs are going to be your new best friend – guaranteed!

      If you’re a wig wearer and have yet to try a gym wig, chances are, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without one once you do give it a try.

      What’s a fitness wig? Let’s go over the details. Read More


      Perfect Gym Hair With Fitness Wigs

      A sports wig is a type of wig that’s designed to be worn with a headband and due to its construction, can be put up into a high ponytail. While most wefted wigs have all the wefts pointing in the downward direction (as hair grows out of your head and moves in the same downward direction), when you put your hair up, you’re reversing that direction on the bottom half.

      So just the same, the sport wig has the bottom half of the wefts turned upside down, which naturally lends it to being putz into a ponytail.

      The cap is entirely wefted and when you purchase from Madison Hair Collection, you’ll also get the same ultra-soft fabric lining all the caps just as you do with our luxury wig collection.

      We’ve also added silicone into the cap, just like our silk wig cap, which helps your fitness wig stay putn no matter what your workout brings. Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or doing yoga, you can rest assured your gym hair is staying put.

      The best part? Because there is no lace or silk tops on these wigs, they will last for an exceptionally long time. This makes them great for wearing on those days you don’t really need your normal wig to help extend its lifespan.

      Is A Sports Wig Just For Sports? Take Your Gym Wig Outside Of The Gym

      The great thing about active wigs is they are highly versatile. While the ponytail wigs are designed for workouts and sport activies, you can just as easily lounge around in them in the comfort of your own home.

      Or, if you’re running errands and just want your hair up and out of your face, once again, your active wig is the perfect solution.

      Because these wigs are worn with the headband, which hides the solid rim in the front, it’s also impossible to tell you’re wearing a wig. If you’re shy about wearing wigs, this type of wig will definitely put your mind at ease.

      Why Choose Workout Wigs?

      Workout wigs make life that little bit easier. There’s no fussing with lace fronts and no blending hairlines for a smooth transition. The headband does all the heavy lifting! And while these make excellent exercise wigs - they can also hold their own when it comes to other situations too.

      They’re simply all-around perfect comfort wigs. If you don’t have time in the day to devote to installing a full wig, having a grab-it-and-go option gives you more freedom and flexibility. Last-minute plans or a day of non-glamorous chores can be done with all the confidence you deserve.

      As exercise wigs, these are top-tier in comfort, security, and quality. Made from 100% Remy hair, our wigs and toppers act exactly like you expect natural hair to act. It flows just like natural hair and can be styled with heat and color too. (Equally, too much color and heat can cause damage just the same as natural hair.)

      Just like our full-head wigs, our workout wigs come with a soft and breathable cap that allows air to circulate, preventing overheating, and can be worn for the whole day if you wish - without discomfort or irritation.

      Blonde, brown, black, long, short, up, or down. The options available are incredibly varied and you’re sure to find the perfect wig to match your needs. Due to the way these working out wigs are sewn, long hair wigs can be held back with a low ponytail if you find you need the hair away from your face. The wigs with an updo/ponytail won’t flow naturally if the style is changed. To keep your ponytail wig in peak condition, it’s best to leave the style as is, learn how to best wear a wig to the gym and be on your way to easy breezy hair glam efficiency.

      Sports Wigs And Beyond At Madison Hair Collection

      Want the ease of use of an active wig but don’t want the ponytail? No problem. In our Active Sports and Fitness Wig Collection, we also have bandfall wigs and hat wigs available. We love this collection so much, we want to make sure whatever your lifestyle brings, you have a great solution that you can put on and go with no worries whatsoever.

      As the names suggests, hat wigs are designed to be worn down (or in a low ponytail) with a hat, while bandfalls are similar to the pony wigs and must be worn with a headband. The main key difference between bandfall wigs and ponytail wigs is that bandfalls don’t have the wefts sewn in upside down. So bandfalls are meant to be worn down, while the ponytail wig, as discussed is meant to be worn up.

      We carry both blonde updo wigs as well as brunette updo wigs, plus their matching bandfalls and wigs with beanies. Read Less