Hat with Wigs


      We all want to have a good hair day every day but often we don’t have the time, patience or means to be spending hours styling our locks. Achieving a salon-quality look is easy when you choose a hat with a wig. Simply wake up, place on your hat and wig and go. It really couldn’t be easier! Read More

      Get Up and Go with Our Hat and Wig

      The ultimate comfort is guaranteed with a wig hat. We prioritize comfort when designing all of our products, so you can shop our range with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to wear your wig hat the whole day through.

      Hats with a wig are a very affordable accessory. Fewer hair wefts are required to create them which makes them a cheaper alternative than other wig products. Here at Madison Wigs Boutique, you’ll find a high-quality, diverse range of wig hats, and you’ll love the prices as they provide great value for money. We understand the great benefits that wig hats can provide and we’re working on new collections all the time. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or simply want to take a break from styling your own hair, we have something that you’ll love.

      Why Choose a Wig Hat?

      Our customers choose hats with hair attached for a number of reasons. Some like to take a break from styling their own hair; others like to take a break from wearing a full wig or wig topper. Whatever your reason for visiting us, we are glad you have arrived. When you purchase from our range, you are choosing:


      When it comes to comfort, few wigs compare to the wig hat. There is no cap or topper against the head, just soft material. If you have a sensitive scalp or simply want a break from your usual wig cap or topper, our hats are the perfect solution. Our wig hats are designed to regulate temperature and do not include hair in the areas that will be covered by your hat to ensure a comfortable and lightweight feel.


      If you usually wear wigs and you’d like to style your hair with a cap, it goes without saying that it would look and feel bulky. With our wig hats, this will never be a problem. Sitting firmly on your head, you won’t have to worry about the volume of hair underneath the hat. You can achieve the same great look without the bulkiness and discomfort.


      We believe that you should benefit from the same versatility as your natural hair. Whether you prefer long locks or a shorter cut, light hair or dark, we have you covered. Our range is perfect for all and can be partnered with any hat. Partner with a baseball cap for those summer walks, beanie wigs for colder days or a sun hat for beach visits. We even have the perfect gym wig for those active days. Whatever the day brings, rest assured that your wig won’t hold you back.

      Wig Hats are Great for All Seasons

      A hat is a great accessory for any season and you will rarely step outside without spotting someone sporting one. From baseball caps and sun hats in the summer to beanies in the winter, there is something for every season. But as a wig user, you no doubt will have experienced the bulkiness and discomfort of wearing a hat on top of a wig. Let’s be honest, it’s hot, it’s humid and it’s uncomfortable. Here at Madison Wigs Boutique, we provide a solution. Our wigs with a hat attached have you covered regardless of the season. Now that’s something to get excited about!

      There is no need to spend time and energy styling a full wig when you are going to be wearing a hat for most of the day. After all, your head will be covered so why waste your time? Save your energy with human hair wig hats that you can simply pick up, place on your head and go without even having to check in the mirror if it looks okay. The freedom that comes with wig hats is amazing and something that you will appreciate time and time again. With your new wigs with hat attached, you can enjoy a workout at the gym, a picnic with your family in the park, or a shopping day with a friend. Our range has you covered no matter what you have planned.

      Shop for Your Next Hat and Wig Style with Madison Hair Collection Today

      At Madison Hair Collection, we care about quality and create our collections with this in mind. From our temperature regulating materials to our Remy human hair, we truly are at the forefront of the industry. Much loved and much trusted throughout America, Canada and worldwide, customers have been wearing our wig hats at the gym, on day trips, during staycations and much more. Rest assured that whatever your day has in store, you’ll feel comfortable and supported throughout.

      So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collections to get your wig hat from Madison Hair Collection today! Read Less