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      Are Topper Wigs Right For You?

      Wondering if topper wigs are the right choice for you? Here are a few key points you should know when making this important decision. Read More

      Hair toppers are designed to be blended in with your own hair, so are perfect for those who are thinning all over, or who may have a bald spot (or two) at the top of their head.

      Who aren’t they for? Toppers won’t work for those who are totally bald, or for those who don’t have much hair at their hairline (unless you plan to cut bangs).

      Since we all want to keep our hair looking realistic over here at Madison Hair Collection, we strongly recommend that you blend your own natural hair into the front of your topper. Because topper wigs don’t have a lace front like all of our medical wigs do (which helps mimic the look of hair growing right from your head), you’ll want something to cover the rim of it at the front. This is where your own hair comes in handy.

      Not to worry though, the process of blending is not nearly as challenging as it may seem. Just leave a little of your own hair out, clip the topper right back behind this hair, and then brush your own hair up and over the rim of the topper. You might even do a little backcombing or teasing to your own hair to give it a bit more life and staying power.

      Now that we’ve given you the details of who human hair wig toppers are for and how you wear them, let’s talk benefits.

      What Are The Benefits Of Hair Toppers?

      1. Your own hair is integrated in. As just mentioned, nothing will look and feel more real than topper wigs because it’s part of your own hair. If you can blend the front well, this is undeniably the best option for hair loss sufferers.
      2. Updo’s are no issue! One of the reasons we love 9x9 hair toppers so much is because they allow you to do low to mid-height ponytails without a struggle while giving you great coverage for gorgeous-looking hair all around. Some days we just want our hair up and these accomplish perfectly! (Note, any base size smaller than 9x9 also allows you to do updos just fine – you’ll just receive less coverage overall though).
      3. Customizable to your hair loss needs. This brings us to the next point – toppers are highly customizable based on your own degree of hair loss. If you only have a small area you’re trying to cover but your hair is thick otherwise, a 6x6 topper might work perfectly fine! If you need quite a bit of coverage because your hair is really thin all over, a 9x9 hair topper is awesome. 10x10 and 11x11 (also sometimes referred to as half wigs) can also be an option for those who nearly need a full wig, but don’t want to put their own hair up and would rather blend it into hair toppers.
      4. Feels like your own hair. At our Wig Boutique, we only use the finest quality Remy human hair so all of our topper wigs for sale will feel like your natural hair. While we do carry a few different textures of hair, because it is all real human hair, you’ll never get that crunchy, plastic-y feel you get from synthetic toppers or synthetic wigs.

      It can be a challenge to buy human hair toppers online, so if you have any other questions not covered here or throughout our website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and we’ll do our very best to help guide you through this journey.

      Looking for something other than Toppers?

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