Lace Top Wig Collection

Madison Hair Collection wigs are designed with you in mind. Our range of wigs with lace tops offers so many shapes, sizes, and cap materials. We want to make sure you find your perfect match. After all, we want to feel like a million dollars wearing our lace top wigs. Read More

      30 products

      30 products

      Lace Top Wigs for Your Comfort and Style Are Just a Click Away

      Are you suffering from hair loss or hair thinning? Technology has come on leaps and bounds from the scratchy, unnatural wigs of days gone by. Now, high-quality wigs act exactly like natural hair - and no one will ever know your secret! Luscious hair is sought after - for medical reasons and for fashion reasons. Anyone interested in switching up what they have for what they want should be able to, without suffering!

      Choosing A Lace Top Wig That Makes You Feel Like a Movie Star

      All of our lace top wigs and silk top wigs are made from human hair. That means a natural feel with natural movement and no heavy clumping - unlike synthetic wigs. The fabric that touches your skin is very soft - no more itching, and no more unnecessary suffering. And there’s more, the lace top layer means they’re much cooler to wear. No more heavy sweating or feeling claustrophobic with the extra weight on your head!

      Our wigs are designed to look and feel like real hair.

      Whether your ideal style is long blonde updo wigs or short dark brown wavy wigs, we have the product that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on the red carpet. And they each come with a stunning blend of natural colors in a wefted cap, adding extra durability.

      Shopping for Lace Top Wigs Online

      Buying lace top wigs online can be a daunting experience. We get it. We’ve experienced that journey and understand the trouble. The founder of Madison Hair Collection has lived with hair thinning and hair loss. She created the company because buying wigs was a trouble-filled process resulting in often inferior products. And that's why the main focus of Madison Hair Collection is you - the client.

      We want to help you find a lace top wig that gives you confidence. When you’re wearing one of our wigs, we want you to express your personality and style in true comfort. Remember to measure your head - our wigs come in a variety of sizes (XS-L) because everyone is unique and - as it quite often happens in life - one size doesn’t fit all.

      A well-fitted wig will sit snugly against your own hair (if applicable). You won’t need added clips, grips, or glue either!

      See your Confidence Soar with a Lace Top Human Hair Wig

      Offering a plentiful range of lace wigs made from Remy human hair, you are sure to find something to showcase your personality in our collection. A great confidence booster, our wigs look and feel so natural; it’ll be nearly impossible to tell that you’re even wearing a wig at all. With a seamless blend from your natural hairline to the wig, lace fronts are the perfect choice of wig. They eliminate the risk of a noticeable boundary between the wig and skin that other types of wigs often have.

      With your scalp partly visible beneath the mesh of a lace front wig, you’ll be able to do any hairstyle without stress. Whether you want to create loose textured curls, a fancier sleek up-do or a messy relaxed bun, a lace wig has you covered. Head for a day at the office, a trip to the gym or a night out on the town with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your wig won’t let you down.

      Whether you simply want a change from your natural hair or you suffer from hair loss, you want to protect your natural hair as much as possible. Our lace wigs protect your hair from smoke, dust and dirt as well as allowing it to grow stronger and thicker without it being pulled and twisted.

      Madison Hair Collection – The Place to Buy Lace Top Wigs Online

      When you're looking for a new wig, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. We have so many lengths and colors from brunettes to blonde wigs available that we’re certain you’ll find the perfect fit. With a bleached lace front, you’ll be able to pull your new hair back from your face without anyone ever suspecting a thing, too!

      Here at Madison Wigs Boutique, we have lace front wigs that will last for years. Made with real human hair, you are able to care for your wig using shampoo, conditioner and other products as you would with your natural hair. Let’s be honest; synthetic wigs just don’t compare. Browse our collections for a length and color that you love and then enjoy the flexibility of dyeing, cutting and styling as you like. Anything is possible with a lace top human hair wig!

      Imagine your new hair blowing in the breeze! Our gallery of pictures can guide you to your new hairdo and a brand-new burst of confidence. Have a look through our lace top wigs collection today - and let your style shine through! Read Less