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      64 products

      If you’re looking for something lightweight, wigs with lace tops can’t be beat. Lace top wigs are well-known for being more breathable than silk top wigs, so if being cool as you wear your hair is important to you, our lace top wigs might be the best option. Read More

      Lace Top Wigs Add Natural Volume

      Another reason many clients opt for a lace top wig is if they’re looking for more volume. While silk top wigs tend to be very flat to the head at the partline, lace wigs give a bit more volume due to the way they’re constructed.

      This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with high volume hair however. If you prefer a sleeker, flatter look, you can achieve this as well simply by using a hot flat comb and smoothing down the part (or doing the same but with a blow dryer).

      Lace wigs give nice versatility in this regard, so this makes them a great solution for many.

      Lace Top Wigs That Are Comfortable

      One concern we get often from clients is that the lace top wig they purchase will be itchy. This is an understandable worry. After all, lace is inherently itchy. This is also one of the biggest reasons we add a comfortable silk lining to our lace top wigs.

      This lining acts to help make the wig far more comfortable while giving you a more realistic looking scalp effect. It can also be easily removed if you prefer your lace top wig without.

      A Lace Top Wig Without Adhesives

      Another great thing about the lace top wigs we sell at Madison Hair Collection is due to our cap design, you won’t require any tape, glue, wig grips, clips, or combs as you wear them. They’re just as ‘put on and go’ as our other wig collections are.

      This makes them great for beginner wig wearers as well as more advanced wig wearers who simply don’t want to deal with having to go through multiple steps to get their wig on and ready for the day.

      Quick Tips For Shopping For Lace Top Wigs Online

      If you have decided to proceed forward and purchase lace top wigs online, there are a few things to keep in mind.

      First, the fit of them may be slightly different than silk top wigs or others you may have tried. Always re-measure your head and check the measurements of the actual wig you plan to purchase to ensure it’s going to be a great fit.

      Second, remember length can vary from store to store. When shopping around, be sure you fully understand how length is measured so there are no surprises. Here at our wig boutique, we measure length from the top of the crown to the longest length of hair at the bottom. This means the front layers may be shorter if it is a layered style of cut.

      Finally, when shopping for colors, remember that your monitor can portray colors slightly different than what they actually are. Be sure to look at the pictures (and try to understand the type of lighting the pictures were taken in) as well as read the color description. By looking at all these details, you can get the best idea of what the color you’re looking at actually is – thus hopefully help make your shopping experience more successful.

      Lace and silk wigs are a very popular choice of product for those dealing with hair loss and their popularity only continues to grow. You don’t have to be bald or near bald to wear our medical wigs either – many people with a full head of hair still make great use of lace top wigs and have them looking exceptionally realistic.

      At the end of the day, you need to choose the product that helps you feel most comfortable, but for many, a lace top human hair wig does just that.

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