9x9 Hair Topper

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      150 products

      It’s said that our hair is our crowning glory. However, for some of us, this isn’t quite true, especially if you have fine or thin hair. A 9x9 hair topper from Madison Hair Collection can give you the volume you need without adding extensions. Topper wigs are smaller than a wig and are specifically designed to add volume to fine or thin hair. Rather than cover the whole head, the 9x9 cap fits the top of the head. Read More

      Looking to Add Volume to Thin or Fine Hair? Try a 9x9 Hair Topper

      We offer a variety of 9x9 wig toppers in a choice of lengths ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches. Each is made from 100% Remy human hair that’s fitted into a wefted cap with a full hand tied made silk top which allows you to part the hair anywhere. They’re easy to fit, easy to remove and yet give you the volume you require to create a luxurious head of hair.

      What Makes Madison 9x9 Wig Toppers Special?

      Every Madison 9x9 wig topper has been designed by somebody who has experience with thinning hair. So, they know what makes a good topper. We only ever use human hair for our toppers as this allows you to style your topper in the same way as you style your own hair. It also ensures that the hair in the topper has natural fall and movement. Of course, it feels just like natural hair too because it is natural hair. The wefted cap allows you to change the part easily. Simply wet, repair and dry. You can also add bangs if you want to switch up the style.

      Fitting your topper is easy. It fits neatly into your own hair with 8 pressure sensitive clips and 1 short comb at the front while the ultra-flat front design allows for easy blending. Our toppers are made in 120% density, a lightweight, realistic density that looks natural while still providing adequate coverage.

      Buy Your 9x9 Hair Topper Online Today

      Madison Hair Collection specializes in making medical wigs and toppers for anyone who is experiencing medical-related hair loss or alopecia. We understand how losing your hair can knock your confidence. Our toppers are the ideal solution for anyone who has thinning or fine hair and for anyone who simply wants to add more volume to their existing hair, especially for a special occasion.

      You can buy your 9x9 topper online and have it shipped directly to your home where you can try it on in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We offer 1 day shipment to the USA for orders over $500 and fast worldwide shipping. We also have new product drops every Monday and Thursday so if you don’t see a topper you love today, check back soon.

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