Brown Human Hair Wigs

      129 products

      129 products

      Our range of brown human hair wigs comes in a range of tones and blends. There's a variety of lengths, styles, cuts, and cap types. Whether you're looking for brown straight or wavy wigs - we've got you covered. You can choose flowing loose hair to frame your face. Or a hassle-free updo that's perfect for the gym. Sometimes we have those days when we want to look effortlessly stylish - just throw on an updo and go! Read More

      Light and Dark Brown Wigs for Every Occasion

      Have you been daydreaming about naturally cascading luscious locks?

      If you're looking for dark brown wigs to rebuild your confidence, or even change your style - we have the collection for you. Full of comfortable, stylish, and high-quality womens real hair wigs that'll help you look - and feel - like a movie star!

      Luxurious Dark Brown Wavy Wigs That Won't Let You Down

      Wigs aren't one size fits all. Your wig should imitate naturally grown hair. And you want it to fit you. Being comfortable, and feeling confident, in a wig is much better if it feels real.

      We started Madison Hair Collection to bring amazing quality products to the women who need them. No matter the reason. We believe every woman has the right to hair they can trust and rely on time after time. We've been in your place - searching for a wig that's just right. Through years of hair thinning and loss (genetics can be rough sometimes!), we've tried an enormous number of brown wigs. But the perfect match was too elusive.

      Sometimes, it can feel like you're searching for a unicorn.

      So, we decided to create it ourselves.

      Our caps come in a variety of sizes, giving you a snug fit so they're secure against your head - without causing pain. Each one is made from ultra-soft, breathable fabric, ensuring your long-lasting comfort.

      The brown human hair wigs you get from Madison Hair Collection are durable, styling-friendly, and give you the confidence to let your inner beauty shine.

      Choosing Your Brown Human Hair Wigs

      Shopping for a wig is a truly personal experience. We’ve been there. Have you tried other wigs and feel a bit let down by the weight or bulkiness? Or even experienced intense itchiness that just wouldn’t stop?

      That’s why we’ve designed our wigs to be comfort focused. The problems are just so... unnecessary. We want you to feel amazing wearing our wigs - whether it's our dark brown wavy wigs, straight light brown wigs, short bobs, hat with wig or blonde updo wigs.

      All our comfortable wig caps are made with soft, caressing fabric whereas the hair itself is lightweight - so you won’t strain yourself trying to hold it up either! We’ve designed the silicone grips to be discreet, durable, and soft so you don't have to suffer pain or add extra bulk with clips and grips.

      You’re sure to find a luxurious wig design for your everyday needs or for that very special occasion. Take a look through our extensive catalogue of human hair wigs for sale today!

      Caring For Your Brunette Wigs

      When you buy luxurious and high-quality lace front light brown wigs, the key to maximising their lifespan is to give them the proper care and attention they need to stay in peak condition. Each of our dark and light brown wigs is created from Mongolian Remy hair. Remy hair is the ideal hair for our premium lace wigs to ensure all cuticles face the same way which prevents tangling.

      You can create your own parting, depending on where you like the hair to naturally fall and frame your face, you can also use heat tools on your light brown lace wig - so you can change your style easily without the need for multiple wigs. We recommend keeping your heat tools at 300 degrees or lower to prevent damage, ensuring you use a good quality heat styling spray, and styling in smaller sections to reduce the amount of contact time your wig has with the high heat.

      Light brown human hair wigs are incredibly versatile, allowing you to change up the style to suit your mood or the occasion. 

      Sleeping with your wig on can cause excessive tangling, so to avoid the time and effort of damage control we recommend removing your wig before sleeping. While it’s best practice, it’s not always practical so if you do decide to leave your wig on as you sleep, a silk pillowcase will reduce the amount of tangling.

      For optimum wig health, we recommend washing gently every 1-3 weeks. Unlike natural hair, scalp oils don’t travel the length of the hair, giving it that oily look. As you become more familiar with your wig, you’ll notice the signs that it needs to be cleaned much easier. Typically, we would say that if the hair no longer flows as naturally as it should, then it’s time to get washing.

      If you care for your high-quality human hair wig - limiting heat styling tool use, using protective sprays, opting for wig-friendly (and sulphate-free) products, and removing before sleep, your brunette wigs up to one year, or perhaps even longer if you regularly rotate your wigs.

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