About Madison Wigs

Created by Shannon Mach, Madison Wigs has the mission to help every woman experiencing hair loss feel more comfortable in her situation, regardless of what that may be. And hey, even if you just want to wear a wig to get the glamorous hair you've never had, so be it. Wigs CAN be fun! 

After going through her own hair loss journey, sparked by coming off hormonal birth control and fertility meds, Shannon experienced the low's that one can go through. Not too long later, she tried her first wig and was hooked. Fast forward a few years and after trying a wide array of brands, she has created a line that she feels brings together the best of the best: Madison Wigs. Named after her daughter, Madison wigs is all about comfort, realism, and ease of use. No one wants to spend hours getting a wig to look right and then spend all day worrying about whether people are staring at your hair!  You have a life to lead! 

It's time to put your hair loss worries behind you and get BACK TO LIVING!