18" Wigs

      69 products

      69 products

      Not all 18 wigs are created equal, and some can make you feel extremely self-conscious, especially if the wig doesn’t mimic how human hair grows, moves, and feels. At Madison Hair Collection, we know firsthand how losing your hair can really affect your self-confidence, and we also know what wig wearers want from their wigs. Read More

      Regain Your Confidence with an 18 Inch Lace Front Wig

      If you’ve tried a wig before and hated the feel of it; if it made your scalp itchy, hot, and sweaty and you felt like tearing it off and throwing it away – we understand!

      So, if you’ve struggled with wearing a wig in the past, our 18” lace wig is about to change your mind. Lace top wigs are lightweight and lie flat to the head. There’s no silk to lace transition and the soft silk lining will help to reduce the traditional scratchiness associated with lace tops. Plus, like all our wigs, our 18 wigs are made to be as realistic as possible. You don’t have to worry about obvious hairlines, hair that appears too ‘dense and heavy’ or unnatural colors.

      Our premium-quality wigs will help you regain your confidence and get on with living your life, whether that’s heading out to work, working out at the gym with our gym wigs, meeting with friends, or enjoying date night. With a Madison wig, you can rest assured that no one will know your secret.

      18" Wigs - Where Comfort Meets Quality

      So, what makes a Madison 18” lace wig stand out from the rest?

      Our 18 inch wigs feature a comfortable medical wig cap made from luxuriously soft silk fabric to wick moisture and heat away from your scalp. This means it’s not just more comfortable to wear, especially if you have a sensitive scalp, but it keeps you feeling fresher, cooler, and drier too. There’s no glue, tape or wig grips required; a silicone strip gently grips your skin or bio hair to keep your wig in place.

      Of course, all our wigs are made from high-quality Remy human hair. If we color the hair, we do it as gently as possible to ensure it looks salon-fresh and remains looking good for longer. All coloring is carried out by trained colorists who are always up to date with the latest trends. And because we use human hair, you can style them just as you would your own hair. To learn more, check out our FAQ.

      With our wigs, you can forget about obvious hairlines. We make our hairlines look as realistic as possible. You won’t see any knots or overbleaching on our lace fronts. Plus, we avoid adding too much hair to our wigs; we want to recreate a look that’s more in line with natural hair density to give you hair with body that moves and feels like you were born with it. You can always check out our wig topper collection such as our 9x9 hair toppers for that extra volume.

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