Blonde Updo Wigs


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      Do blondes really have more fun? Well, we can't tell you for sure - but we can tell you that any of our blonde updo wigs are a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Read More

      Blonde Updo Wigs That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

      Our updos are amazing fitness wigs. Just throw them on and off you go - for a run in the park, to the gym, or even when you’re picking up the kids. If you already have one of our blonde wigs, a blonde updo wig will be the perfect accompaniment.

      And why choose just one anyway?

      Human Hair Updo Wigs That Look and Feel Natural

      Some days you just don’t want to deal with brushing hair out of your face (when you’re active, busy, or even dealing with toddlers). Having several human hair updo wigs in your collection will actually extend the life of each one considerably! Especially when compared with having only one wig on hand at any time.

      Wigs that are wefted downwards won’t go up into a ponytail easily. And similarly, those that are wefted upwards in an updo/ponytail can’t easily be worn down. But having more than one blonde updo wig in your arsenal will see you ready for any occasion!

      Buying a Blonde Updo Wig Online

      We’ve been through plenty of trial and error looking for that wig that ticks all the boxes. The founder of Madison Hair Collection has suffered from hair thinning and hair loss for many years. And after experiencing the highs and the lows of looking for comfort, real sizing, and style - Madison was created. High quality and real-life value are extremely important to us. With our wigs in an updo, you can say goodbye to all that searching and wondering! With our wigs, you can just get up and go. Yes; you read that right! No more blast-drying, heated rollers and curling irons! You can go about your day in total confidence with a salon-finish hairstyle that looks amazing.

      Buying an updo wig in a shop is hard enough, but we want to make the process of buying online as smooth as possible. We’ve included cap measurements with every piece to ensure you get the right fit.

      All our blonde updo wigs are created with real human hair - it’s soft, luxurious, lightweight, and looks so natural folk will hardly be able to tell! Because the hair is up, there’s no parting that could give your stylish secrets away! If you add a statement piece headband, the whole wig rim will be hidden from view and saves you time blending in lace fronts. Our updo blonde wigs and brown wigs will fall naturally on your head and blend seamlessly with the skin, making it impossible to notice that you’re even wearing a wig at all. Providing full flexibility, you can shampoo, condition and use other hair care products with ease to ensure that your updo remains fresh at all times. And a fantastic benefit of human hair wigs is that you have the ability to dye the hair when you would like a change. Why not showcase your personality by adding additional colors to your wig? From highlights and lowlights, your individuality can shine through.

      Whether you see yourself rocking the classic ponytail or a high-bun - you’re sure to find a multi-tasking updo to make those hectic days just that little bit easier.

      Each cap is made from ultra-soft fabric, helping to protect your scalp and prevent itching. Because when you’re busy, and there’s not enough time in the day, you don’t want to spend that time irritated or uncomfortable.

      Shop Madison Hair Collection’s Blonde Updo Wigs Online

      For most people, hair forms a significant part of their identity but, at some stage in life, we will all suffer with hair thinning or hair loss. This can come earlier than expected through conditions such as alopecia, which is a condition that cannot be controlled. But this doesn’t mean we have to roll over and accept it. With our alopecia friendly wig collections here at Madison Wigs Boutique, you can continue to enjoy your favorite styles and go about your day feeling 100% yourself. Feel confident as you head about your daily duties with a human hair updo wig that looks just like real hair.

      As wig wearers ourselves, we know that comfort is king. With that in mind, we designedupdo lace front wig products to have adjustable straps on the outside of the wig. Too many wigs put them inside - where they dig into the skin and cause all sorts of trouble. But we’ve worn many wig products and know personally what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been in your shoes, searching for the wig that ticks all the boxes.

      If you want to experience a superior blonde updo wig, designed by a wig-wearer, then browse our collection today. Read Less