Wigs with Beanies

      93 products

      93 products

      Are you fed up with styling your hair every day? Perhaps you usually wear a wig cap and want to give your head a break? Whatever your reason for visiting our page, we are glad you have arrived. For a stylish look that provides the best in comfort, choose a beanie with wig. With a temperature regulating cap that has no hair attached, your head will never feel hot, clammy or subject to excess moisture. Read More

      Style Your Hair in Minutes by Choosing Wigs with Beanies

      Getting yourself ready for whatever the day has in store has never been easier. Simply get up, place on your wig and beanie, and go. Whether you are heading out for a walk, on a day trip or for a weekend away, our range has you covered. You’ll look great and feel confident throughout.

      Our Beanie Wigs Provide Everything You Need and More

      We all have days when we don’t have the time, energy or patience to be styling our hair. And especially when you regularly wear a wig, you’ll want to give your head a break from wearing a full cap every once in a while. For times like these, our beanie wigs are the perfect ally.

      When you shop our wigs with beanies range, you’ll get:


      We have a comprehensive range of products, ensuring a collection that is suitable for all. With a variety of lengths and colors, you are sure to find a wig that you love. Whether you prefer a shorter shoulder cut or longer locks, we have you covered. Partner your wig with any beanie or hat with wig to style as you like.


      When purchasing beanie wigs online, you want to be sure that you are getting the best in quality. At Madison Hair Collection, this is guaranteed. Designed with you in mind, our range is made from high-quality Remy human hair that is either virgin or lightly treated. This enables you to style and color as you like, safe in the knowledge that your wig is built to last. Our quality products include specific 9x9 hair toppers for those looking to enhance their volume or a classic 20 inch lace front wig when looking to the length of their choice.


      We prioritize comfort when creating our wigs and for good reason. When you are wearing a wig the whole day through, comfort is essential. Our temperature regulating caps and lightweight design ensures that heat and moisture are minimized, making them the perfect choice for even the most sensitive of scalps.

      Choose Madison Hair Collection for Your Beanie Wigs Today!

      When it comes to wigs, few companies compare to us here at Madison Hair Collection. The best place to find all of your wig essentials, you’ll never shop elsewhere again. We know the discomfort and bulkiness that is caused by wearing a normal wig underneath your beanie and work to eliminate this in our designs. A fantastic element of our beanie wigs is that there is no hair underneath the beanie itself. This enables us to maximize wig comfort and minimize heat.

      Look great and feel confident the whole day through when you shop our range here at Madison Hair Collection. Browse our styles to get started today. Read Less