Active Sports & Fitness Wigs

With a fitness wig from Madison Hair Collection, you can rest assured that your alternative hair will remain looking as good as it did when you placed it on your head. Read More


      Feel More Confident in the Gym with a Sports Wig from Madison Hair Collection

      For anyone with hair loss or thinning hair, going to the gym can sometimes prove a bit of a nightmare. When you’re working out, there’s no time to worry about your hair – or lack of it. Whether you’re running on the treadmill, squatting in the squat rack, or practicing your downward dog on your yoga mat, you want your hair off your face but still looking cute. And most wigs just don’t give you the confidence that they’ll stay in place when you’re upside down, sweating or moving around a lot.

      Enter the gym wig. Now just in case you think that gym hair, and wig, don’t go together, we’re here to change your mind.

      Our range of active wigs offers the perfect solution for women who love to be … well, active. They’re a great option for wearing at the gym, on the sports field, in the yoga studio, on hikes, during a cycle ride and even when you just want to look extra cute.

      Simply pop on a sports wig and you can run, jump, twist, and tumble as much as you like, knowing that your hair won’t let you down.

      Perfect Gym Hair without the Fuss with our Fitness Wig

      Just like all the wigs from Madison Hair Collection, our gym wigs such as the blonde updo wigs are designed to look as natural as possible and stay in place, no matter how energetic you might get. And it’s all down to the clever design.

      Our sports wigs are constructed to be ultra-comfortable. As wig wearers ourselves, we understand what it’s like to wear a wig that’s too tight, too itchy, and too hot! That’s why we’ve created our wigs with an ultra-soft fabric silk wig cap that’s designed to keep your head cool.

      We’ve also added a silicone band at the front, nape and throughout the top for extra grip. There’s no need to use clips, grips, glue, or any other method to secure your sports wig although you will have to cover the rim with a headband for a seamless look. Of course, that gives you a good excuse to build a collection of headbands, but that’s another story! And we’ll send you a FREE headband with each purchase of an active wig to start your collection.

      We’ve also added adjustable straps on the outside of the wig, so they’ll never dig into your skin. Don’t worry, your headband will fully cover these, so no one else will guess your secret.

      And, because our wigs are 100% wefted, they’ll last for years if you take good care of them.

      There’s No Need to Save Your Gym Wig for the Gym

      While our sports wigs come into their own when you’re exercising, there’s no need to save them purely for the gym. In fact, they’re a great addition to any luxury wig collection. Bad hair days will be a thing of the past when you can simply pop on a wig. Why not wear one for running errands or to give your regular wig a rest? Pop one on for a walk in the park with the kids, to catch up with friends for a coffee or a visit to the cinema. It’s the perfect option for women who like to look sporty or prefer a more laidback look. Read Less