How To Wear A Wig To The Gym

How to Wear A Wig To The Gym

If you wear a wig every day, you might feel a little lost going to the gym without one. While it’s not necessary for everyone, it might help you feel more confident and more able to participate in the sports and activities you love. In that case, owning a wig designed for fitness is an investment in yourself.

When you look at your full head, lace front wig - you might recoil at the idea of intentionally getting it sweaty. But there are wigs available specifically designed with intense sporting activity in mind

Will the Wig Stay Secure?

Wigs designed for playing sports and going to the gym have a superior grip system in place to keep your wig attached to your head. Rather than opting for bulky grips, opting for a wig with silicone in strategic places - as well as choosing a silicone wig cap size that fits perfectly - will prevent a mid-activity wig failure.

Take a look at our 20” Elana Active Pony Wig to see the unique system we use for ultimate wig security. No matter how hard you push, your workout wigs will support you every step of the way.

How to Care for Your Gym Wig

Gym = sweat. It is known. A good gym wig will come with a breathable cap preventing unnecessary sweating and allowing more airflow. Still, though, it will get exposed to sweat.

However, you can still wear your wig to the gym if you wash it thoroughly, and regularly. How often you need to wash it is entirely dependent on the activity you do and how sweaty it gets. A good rule is to wash your wig whenever the hair doesn’t move as naturally as it should. On average, you might need to wash a human hair wig once a week.

If you’re a swimmer, a top tip is to always wear your swimming cap over your wig. The water can dry out your hair, increasing damage and reducing your wig’s overall lifespan.

What Type of Wig Is Best for The Gym?

lace top human hair wigs are much easier to clean and maintain than synthetic wigs, whilst also moving and feeling more like your natural hair. Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper, but that may also mean settling for sub-standard cap materials.

Cap materials are incredibly important and shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a new gym wig. If you’re very active, you’ll want comfortable wigs that will reduce friction - and irritation. And a breathable cap material will help your stamina because you’ll worry less about overheating and focus more on your fitness goals.

When it comes to style, that’s a matter of your own personal taste. But you may find a huge benefit in choosing a ponytail and/or headband wig.

Ponytail up-dos are great for high-intensity workouts. The hair is already pulled back and wefted for that authentic ponytail look. And combined with a headband, you don’t need to worry about wearing out your lace front with sweat, hair getting in your face during a workout, or even spending time placing your wig precisely along your hairline. The headband hides the seam for you!

Where Can You Find Top Quality Active Wigs?

Now you know how to wear a wig to the gym, all that’s left is to find the perfect wig for your gym kit.

Fitness wigs help you feel great, inside and out. They’re designed for comfort during intense activity, save you time and look amazing too. And we have a wide range of styles available right here at our hair boutique online. Take a look at our featured fitness wigs today.