Lace Top Wigs Collection

Lace Top Wigs Collection

Our lace top wigs are the perfect breathable option for those who prefer a wig that's ultra flat to the scalp and has a seamless part-line throughout the crown.


Luxurious Put-On-And-Go
Soft Cap  

Our cap has been designed for those who lead a busy, active lifestyle. The cap itself is made from ultra-soft temperature regulating fabric and then is finished with silicone, which gently grips the head and keeps your wig where you want it, all day long.

This works perfectly for those with or without hair and requires no clips, combs, wig grips, tape, or glue. It only takes seconds to put on.


When it comes to keeping you comfortable in your wig, density matters. If you're looking for a wig that looks most natural, feels lightweight to wear, and is easier to manage, these wigs are for you.

We've carefully crafted our wigs so they have the precise amount of density where you need it while keeping other key areas light and airy.

The end result is a wig that you won't want to take off.

Premium Hair Quality

Because we use top quality, soft, silky Asian hair, our wigs will serve you well for many months, or even years to come.

Our hair has been chemically lightened in the safest manners possible in order to maintain the structural integrity of the hair and ensure it stands the test of time.

Style it as you please, it's just like your natural hair.

Realistic Hairline

At Madison Hair Collection, we are focused on bringing you the most realistic wigs possible. This is why we've worked very hard to achieve our realistic hairline.

Through proper ventilation techniques of our knots to our gentle 5 step knot lightening process, you can feel confident pulling hair off your face when you wear a Madison.

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