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Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection
Slavic/Euro Collection

Slavic/Euro Collection #63 9x9 18" Silk Top Topper

Regular price$1,800.00 USD

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We are pleased to offer overnight express shipping via DHL to anywhere in the US for $10 per wig/topper (please note customs delays are beyond are control however rarely happen). Shipping within Canada will be done via Canada Post and typically takes 3-7 business days and also costs $10 per wig/topper. 

We offer International Shipping for $95. Please note that Madison Hair is not responsible for any additional customs/duties charged by international countries. Please consult with your local post office authorities if you wish to get estimates on how much this will be. There should never be any customs when shipping to the USA however as these items are considered a free trade item. 

Please note that all shipping time frames are estimates only and at times, there may be delays. This is unfortunately out of our control and will not entitle the customer to a refund of shipping fees. 

Please note we do not ship to Italy.

We aim to ship packages out to the USA/International daily Monday through Friday. Canada Post shipments will go out Tuesday and Thursday. 

We also offer an easy return policy. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you have 3 days from the time of delivery to send it back for a return!

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At Madison Hair Collection, we do our very best to portray our wigs as accurately as possible. This said, we are unable to control the variances that can come from computer screens as well as different lighting scenarios. Likewise, many of our products are specialty colors and where they are parted or how they are styled can also influence exactly how they look.

We ask for your understanding with regards to this and know that there may be slight variances in how your wig looks when it arrives out of the box. Any return made in nature of this will still quality for restock fees. 

Have a question? You can either contact us with the tab below, in our Facebook group or click here for more information.

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Wondering why other toppers never quite feel right on you? It may be that you need something that matches your own hair more closely....

Our Slavic/Euro hair toppers are made with premium hair that is very fine in texture and completely virgin. This means this hair has not been colored processed at all, which lends to it's longevity since there is no bleach damage as well as provides you the ability to bleach it as desired if you do prefer (note we do not recommend bleaching any of our other products, except these pieces). 

The color you see on these pieces is the color the hair has always been so you will not need to worry about fading like you may dyed toppers/wigs. 

Please note these toppers are NOT double drawn. This means there will be more shorter ends throughout the topper. Some people feel this helps portray a more natural look (as that's how real hair grows), however some people do prefer double drawn. This is a personal choice but it's important to educate yourself about this prior to buying. If you prefer double drawn, you might check out our Fine Hair Topper Collection, which is double drawn, or our regular Topper Collection.

There is a very good chance our Slavic/Euro pieces will feel completely different from other pieces you've tried before. They do not provide as much volume, feel thinner, and have a baby fine/soft texture. Again, some people are looking for exactly this, others prefer thicker hair with more volume and are better suited to Mongolian hair. 

Our goal is to help inform you of these differences so you can make the right choice for your hair loss needs. If this is what you are looking for, you might be staring at the solution that will finally make you feel like you again. 

Color: Light baby blonde.

Length: 18". Please note all of our toppers are measured from the center of the center part down the side to the longest hair (top to bottom). These pieces are layered so the front layers will measure shorter than total length. 

Cap Construction: This topper features a 9x9 cap size, which is a great size for providing sufficient coverage for almost everyone and still allows you to put it up into a ponytail. It comes with 6 pressure sensitive clips and one comb in the center/front. 

Density: 100%. 

Hair: Virgin European/Slavic baby fine textured hair. Please note the naturally wavy pieces (which are shown wavy), will feel a little courser to touch as typical of naturally wavy hair.

Parting: Free part. This piece can be parted anywhere in the crown region. 


Color Disclaimer: All of our pieces are pictured using natural light. We do our very best to portray them as accurately as possible, but please be advised that the color you see on your computer/phone screen may adjust the color to some degree. When looking at pieces in room or bathroom light, they will always appear warmer (more red/yellow). 


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