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      Silk Top Wig 101

      New to wigs and wondering how this all works? What’s a silk top wig and who is it suited for?

      Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. In the content that follows, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about this particular style of wigs. Read More


      What Is A Silk Top Wig?

      A silk wig refers to a style of wig where the parting region is made from silk fabric. The benefit? The most realistic looking part. Because the knots (created when the hair is tied onto the wig at the top) are sandwiched between layers of silk when the wig is made, you can’t view them from the outside. This means when you part these wigs, the parting looks seamless and as much like real scalp as possible.

      This is one of the top reasons why many women prefer to wear silk wigs. In addition to wigs, you’ll also find wig toppers made with silk tops as well, so if your hair loss is in the introductory stages, you might find that this option works perfectly for you.

      So apart from the realistic looking part, what other benefits are there to silk hair wigs?

      Key Benefits Of Silk Hair Wigs

      1. More Durable. The alternative to silk wigs are lace top wigs. And while these are also a very popular style of wig, one disadvantage of this type is they are more delicate. If you’re someone who’s going to be wearing your wig daily and doesn’t want to have to worry about being very gentle with it at all times, you might find that silk hair wigs are simply a better option.
      2. No return hairs. Remember how we said that the knots are sandwiched between layers of silk? Well with this also comes the ‘returns’ sandwiched in there as well. What are returns? Glad you asked. A return is the other end of the hair that’s tied into fabric (which creates the knot). On lace top wigs, these returns are left out, so for some, it bothers them they see the shorter hairs in the part-line. With silk wigs, this is not a concern.
      3. Total coverage on top. Finally, the last key benefit to note about the silk wig cap we use on our wigs is that it’s completely opaque. Meaning, you cannot see through the top. If you have naturally dark biological hair underneath, this means you won’t need to get creative working to hide your own hair. Just put the wig on and go.

      Many people do find that silk top wigs are easier to use than lace top wigs.

      A Little About Our Silk Wig Cap

      With regards to the silk wig cap we use here at Madison Hair Collection, we take pride in doing our best to ensure it’s the most comfortable wig cap you’ve ever put on your head.

      Not only is the entire cap made out of ultra-soft temperature regulating fabric, but it also comes with silicone in the crown, ear tabs and nape to help keep the cap secure on your head, without any tugging or pulling.

      Thanks to this design, you’ll never need to wear wig grips, use tape or glue, or battle with painful clips and combs. It’s literally put on and go. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking medical wig caps for alopecia.

      How Silk Lace Wigs Increase Realism

      Finally, one last thing to know when it comes to shopping for a silk wig is that if you don’t have much hair at your hairline, you’ll want to opt for silk lace wigs, which just means you’ll get a silk top that transitions into a lace front. The lace front is what will help to mimic hair growing out of your scalp and give you the most realistic appearance right in the front.

      Many of our customers fall in love with silk top wigs and feel these work perfect to help manage their hair loss situation. Our Wig Bou offer a wide variety in our luxury wigs collection in both blonde and brown human hair wigs. If you still aren’t sure one is right for you, please do reach out to use and we’ll be happy to discuss a variety of options with you. Read Less