24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig
24" Jennifer Hat Wig

24" Jennifer Hat Wig

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Looking for a wig that you can throw on and go? One that's worry free? One that's perfect for a busy Saturday of shopping or a day at the beach? Look no further than our hat wigs. 


While you could always just put a hat over top of your regular wig and call it a day, this is less than ideal for a few reasons.

First, it's going to be HOT. All that hair in the crown of the head covered by a hat is sure to heat you up in record time. Instead, our hat wigs are designed to be without hair in the crown region (instead, you get a luxurious temperature regulating soft fabric instead) so you can wear it no matter what season or temperature.

Second, wearing a hat over your regular wig will cause wear and tear, especially if it's  a lace top wig. The hat may pull or tug at the knots in the crown region, leading to an increased risk of shedding.

Not to mention, all that hair under your hat adds bulk, which can be a giveaway that something is going on under there...

Hat wigs on the other hand solve all these issues and keep you comfortable on those days you really need it. 

These are perfect for: 

  • Pairing with a cute beanie any time of the year.
  • Tossing on with a baseball cap for a sporty style (and could even be worn to the gym - try braiding the hair for a totally new look)
  • Wearing under a cozy toque during the cooler months 
  • Laying on the beach with a sun hat 

Any where or time you'd typically wear a hat, these wigs are ideal. 

Best of all, because these wigs are 100% wefted, this means they will last FOREVER. As long as they're treated with care, this is one piece you'll have in your closet for years to come. 

Let's talk cap details, shall we? 

At Madison, we're ALL about comfort. As wig wearers ourselves, nothing is worse than putting on your wig in the morning and feeling like you're already counting down the minutes until you can tear it off. 

This cap is designed with that in mind. 

You'll get: 

  • Our ultra soft luxurious fabric that's designed to keep you cool as the temperature heats up or keep you warm as the snow begins to fall. It's autoregulatory nature is one of the top reasons we've chosen it for the caps of our wigs. Did we mention it feels like silk against your delicate skin? 
  • Grippy silicone at the front, nape and throughout the top. This means no wig grips necessary.  The fact is, wig grips add bulk (making your wig look more wiggy), add unnecessary layers (can we say hot?!), and can be a pain in the butt to work with sometimes. With this wig, it's put on and go. That's it. It's that easy. These wigs can work with or without bio hair - you do not need to be bald to wear them.
  • Adjustable straps on the outside of the wig. We're all about the details and while most wigs of this nature put adjustable straps on the inside, we've put them on the outside. Why? This way, those clips will never dig into your skin (again, we want you comfortable!) and this also ensures that the silicone in the nape grips as best as possible). These straps will be fully covered by your headband, so there's no worrying about others noticing you're wearing this wig.

QUICK TIP: if you want the absolute BEST wig to conceal the fact you're wearing a wig, these are it. There are no 'wig giveaways' to worry about when you have this wig on. 

You'll also receive a FREE beanie as a gift with the purchase of this wig (note it may not be the identical one as pictured, however). 

We hope you love these wigs as much as we do! 


Cap Measurements: 

Circumference: 54 cm
Front To Back: 13 cm
Ear To Ear Over Top: 13 cm
Nape: 5 cm 

*Small and large cap sizing coming soon!


Shipping Policy

We ship via Canada Post and DHL. For Canadian residents, shipping is $15.  For US residents, we ship via DHL for $15 and it takes 2-3 business days. 

Please note, insurance is provided through Route Package Protection. If you wish to have coverage should your piece be lost, damaged, or not arrive to you during transit, you MUST purchase this plan.

The buyer will assume all risks once the package leaves Madison Hair Collection if Route Package Protection is not purchased. This means that should a package not arrive to you, you will not be entitled to any form of financial or product re-imbursement.

You can add this plan while checking out by toggling the 1-Click Protection ON in the cart section before moving to check out. The cost of this coverage varies based on the price per wig but is around $25. 

We offer International Shipping for between $75-100 depending on the area you live in. This does not include package insurance so likewise, please purchase Route Package Protection if you want insurance on your shipment. 

Please note that all shipping time frames are estimates only and at times, there may be delays. This is unfortunately out of our control and will not entitle the customer to a refund of shipping fees. 

Please note we do not ship to Italy.

Packages will be shipped out Tuesday's and Friday's for any orders made prior to 1 AM the previous day (Monday and Thursday). 

Return & Exchange Policy

​At Madison Wigs, we want you to be happy with your purchase! If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with your wig, you have 3 days (the day you receive it is day 1) to send it back for a return. If your third day is on a Sunday, please email us on or before that Sunday to tell us you need to return and you will have a one day extension to mail it on Monday. Your return will be processed 2 weeks from the time we receive it. Here are the need-to-know details. Please read carefully as there will be NO exceptions

~ When sending your wig back, please do NOT request a signature. Doing so may delay return processing by up to two weeks in addition to the normal processing time or result in the wig going back to you. If you wish, insure your wig instead. 

 ~ Your wig must be sent back in the condition it was received. This means the lace is not altered in any way, the hair has not been washed or heat styled, and all packaging material is in place. For toppers, please ensure that all clips are closed and hair is not tangled in them prior to sending. If clips are open upon us receiving it, an additional $20 will be reduced from your refund. Each item will be inspected before the refund is given. Likewise, if active or hat wigs are returned without the headband or beanie, an additional $40 will be kept for the restock fee. 

 ~  All in-stock lace, silk top wigs and toppers purchased will be subject to a $175 flat rate restock fee if paid by credit card and as of September 17, $200 flat rate restock if paid for by PayPal or Sezzle. Active/hat wigs will have a $160 flat rate restock fee if paid with credit card and as of September 17, $185 if paid for by PayPal or Sezzle. The difference in restock price is due to the difference in processing fees between the payment processors. 

All sale wigs are a final sale. If for whatever reason you mail your final sale wig back to us for a return, you will be required to pay the shipping costs incurred to get it back to you. 

~ We do not offer a cancellation policy. Normal restock fees will apply should you cancel your order prior to it being shipped out. Please be sure to research about your choice carefully prior to buying. 

~ If, for whatever reason, you feel you have received a defective product, please email us thorough pictures within the 3 day return period and we will discuss it with you. If you have indeed received such product (which is a rare case), you will then be instructed to mail it back (shipping back to us will be paid for by Madison Hair Collection) and the wig or topper will be repaired or replaced at our cost and then mailed back out to you. This will NOT entitle you to return it with a waived restock fee. You can of course choose to simply return it, however the restock fee will still apply if this option is chosen.

 ~ If you wish to send a wig or topper back, please follow these steps. 

1. Email MadisonWigs@MadisonwigsBoutique.com within 3 days of receiving your package to obtain a return authorization number (RAN). In this email, please include a picture of the front of the box you received your wig or topper in as well as your order number. 

2. After we've confirmed your refund and provided an RAN, ship the wig back, making sure that your name is somewhere on the shipping package so we can identify it is in fact your order to process the refund. Please do not require a signature with your package as this may delay us getting it by up to a week. Please allow 2 weeks after we receive your package and after it has been inspected for the refund to be processed.

United States and International customer returns should be addressed to:

MHC Returns



13647 Perry Road

Grand Rapids, OHIO




Canadian customer returns should be addressed to:

Madison Wigs-Returns

7017 170A Ave NW 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

T5Z 0G9 

At Madison Hair Collection, we do our very best to portray our wigs as accurately as possible. This said, we are unable to control the variances that can come from computer screens as well as different lighting scenarios. Likewise, many of our products are specialty colors and where they are parted or how they are styled can also influence exactly how they look.

We ask for your understanding with regards to this and know that there may be slight variances in how your wig looks when it arrives out of the box. Any return made in nature of this will still quality for restock fees.