22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)
22" Anniston Active Wig (M)

22" Anniston Active Wig (M)

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Sports Wig. Active Wig. Ponytail Wig. Lifestyle Wig. Wig SAVER. Call it what you want, this is the wig you need to complete your collection. 

Let's face it. There are times when you just don't want all that hair in your face (or down by your shoulders!). You want it up and out of the way, but still want to feel cute and great about your hair. 

Enter the active wig. These wigs are great for so many functions, you might just find you start wearing this wig more than your regular wig (We know we do!). 

These are perfect for: 

  • The gym (no matter what your game, it's got you covered)
  • Running errands (Hello Sunday afternoons!)
  • Hanging with your kids (toddlers and long hair do not play well) 
  • Evenings - so you can give your regular wig a rest (read: your normal wig now lasts longer)
  • Those days you just don't want to deal with hair. Period. 

Best of all, because these wigs are 100% wefted, this means they will last FOREVER. As long as they're treated with care, this is one piece you'll have in your closet for years to come. 

Let's talk cap details, shall we? 

At Madison, we're ALL about comfort. As wig wearers ourselves, nothing is worse than putting on your wig in the morning and feeling like you're already counting down the minutes until you can tear it off. 

This cap is designed with that in mind. 

You'll get: 

  • Our ultra soft luxurious fabric that's designed to keep you cool as the temperature heats up or keep you warm as the snow begins to fall. It's autoregulatory nature is one of the top reasons we've chosen it for the caps of our wigs. Did we mention it feels like silk against your delicate skin? 
  • Grippy silicone at the front, nape and throughout the top. This means no wig grips necessary.  The fact is, wig grips add bulk (making your wig look more wiggy), add unnecessary layers (can we say hot?!), and can be a pain in the butt to work with sometimes. With this wig, it's put on and go. That's it. It's that easy. These wigs can work with or without bio hair - you do not need to be bald to wear them.
  • Adjustable straps on the outside of the wig. We're all about the details and while most wigs of this nature put adjustable straps on the inside, we've put them on the outside. Why? This way, those clips will never dig into your skin (again, we want you comfortable!) and this also ensures that the silicone in the nape grips as best as possible). These straps will be fully covered by your headband, so there's no worrying about others noticing you're wearing this wig.

QUICK TIP: if you want the absolute BEST wig to conceal the fact you're wearing a wig, these are it. There are no 'wig giveaways' to worry about when you have this wig on. 

These wigs are made to be lighter density wigs (so they'll stay up in that top bun with ease) and therefore we don't recommend purchasing this if you want to wear it down. Instead, we're recommend a wig from our regular collection or one of our hat wigs, which are basically sports wig meets dressy casual. They're designed for this and will serve you well. 

Please note that these wigs DO need to be worn with a headband as this is what covers the rim of the wig. They can be worn while you blend in your own bio hair at the front and sides or you can bring the wig right up to the hairline and wear it as-is with your headband. We recommend a headband at least 1.5" wide to ensure full coverage. 

You'll also receive a FREE headband as a gift with the purchase of this wig (note it may not be the identical one as pictured, however). 

We hope you love these wigs as much as we do! 




Cap Measurements: 

Circumference: 54 cm
Front To Back: 13 cm
Ear To Ear Over Top: 13 cm
Nape: 5 cm 

*Small and large cap sizing coming soon!