With silicone in select portions of this cap, it stays right where you want it. It's been specially designed to hold without the use of any adhesives including clips, tape, glue, or wig grips. Best of all, it won't tear out your hair.

Experience the FREEDOM! 


As a wig wearer, nothing is more frustrating that the itching, headaches, and traction hair loss that can come from some caps. Say good-bye to all of that. This cap is made of ultra-soft material that hugs your head perfectly.

It'll feel like you're wearing 
nothing at all.


A poorly designed wig can make you feel self-conscious in any public situation. That's why this cap is designed with the most realistic looking lace front to mimic hair growth across the hairline and a full silk top that looks like your real scalp. This allows you to part the hair anywhere you like. 

​Go out in confidence! 


This is the most comfortable cap I have ever worn! It's snug without being too tight and fits like a glove. It doesn't shift at all! It's so nice to be able to run your hands through the hair without the wig moving. No wig cap or adhesive needed. The hairline is perfection, very natural and realistic looking. I'm super happy with it! .


I own a couple of synthetic wigs and I have to wear a cap or a wig grip with them. Otherwise, they're very uncomfortable and itchy. This cap is totally different. It’s the first wig I can wear without a cap or grip and it stays in place without any glue. It’s adjustable and easy to fit to my needs and so lightweight, I don’t get too hot wearing the wig. The silk top is soft and comfortable and the part looks very natural too. This wig never pulls out my bio hair! 


Seriously...not one wig I've tried compares to this cap! It hugs your head in a way that just makes it feel like it's part of me. I can seriously run my hands through the front or even tug at it and it doesn’t move. I honestly just feel like it is my own hair and not a wig! 


The cap is absolutely comfortable! I forget I’m wearing it! It’s also perfectly snug without giving me a headache. I’ve worn many wigs and this is by far the best!!